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Kym Andrew Sellers had it made. He was working for a popular financial firm as a financial advisor and had a ton of clients that trusted and believed in him. Then he threw it all away on an online gambling addiction that left him hundreds of thousands in debt and facing jail time for theft.

Sellers, 32, was working for the Adelaide firm Taylor Collison, and seemed to have the world on a string. However, Sellers developed an online gambling addiction, and ended up stealing from the firms clients by selling shares that belonged to them.

Sellers stole more than AUS$340,000 from his clients, and thus his firm, over the course of roughly two and a half to three years. He used the money to fund his online gambling addiction at unspecified websites.

He gambled many times from the comfort of his own office, setting up screens so that he could watch where the betting was taking place. During no time did anyone at his office question this practice, nor did the online casinos question the amount of money being lost on a daily basis.

Sellers spoke in front of the Adelaide, Australia criminal court where he pled guilty and said that he deserved to go to jail. He apologized to his victims and the company, who said that the total loss ended up being about a half a million dollars to the company because they had to buy back the shares at a higher rate.