The Most Popular Game – Bingo!

About Bingo
To win the largest prizes, users must fund an account. Some online bingo sites offer no deposit bingo with sandbox play. Then you learn to know the game before playing for real.

Playing bingo online, players can make use of optional features which make playing the game easier, such as auto-daub. Auto-daub automatically marks off the numbers on cards as they are called, so you don’t have to. The chat application makes it possible for all the players of a game to meet and chat during games of bingo. It is customary for players to congratulate winning players with comments like “WTG,” or “Way To Go.”

The aim of the game is to mark off the numbers to achieve the desired pattern.

Two types of bingo
There are two types of bingo played around the world. North America plays 75-ball bingo on a 5×5 card with the centre square usually marked ‘free’. In the rest of the world they play a 90-ball game, marked on a 9×3 card.

In 90-ball bingo, each card has three horizontal lines and nine columns. Each line contains five numbers, meaning each card has 15 numbers. The first column contains numbers from 1-10, the second column contains numbers from 11-20, the third column contains numbers from 21-30, all the way through to the final column which contains numbers from 81-90.

A game of 90 ball bingo will normally be played in three stages: one line, two lines and Full House. In a “one line” game players need to mark a complete horizontal line across one card (i.e., 5 numbers marked). The aim of a ‘two lines’ game is to complete any two marked lines horizontally across one card (i.e., 10 numbers marked). Finally a “Full House” means all the numbers marked off on one card (all 15 numbers). The Full House is always the largest prize in any one game.