What Is A Sic Bo Game?

Sic bo is also known as tai saidai siubig and small or hi-lo. Originally these games are most popular in several Asian countries, but you will find them in many online casinos.

This is a dice game with three dice and a play board which at the first glimpse might look very complicated. But it isn’t. Actually, this is a very exciting game!

In Sic bo you roll three dice and the mission is to guess your own abilities as a psychic; ie. predict what the dice will show. When you are about to play, you choose your bet and places it on the board, at the field where you think your sum will be. If you are not a psychic, it is highly recommended to bet several sums on different outcomes.

Different ways to bet
You got several choices to place bets on the Sic bo board.

Small and big: You bet on the total sum of your three dice. Small is a bet on 4-10, big is 11-17. If you get a triple (like 3 3’s), small and big will loose.

Three-Dice Total: You bet on the total sum of the three dice. You will win if you get a triple.

Two-Dice Combination: Here you bet on the outcome of two of the three dice. It doesn’t matter what the last dice shows.

Single Dice: This is a bet on that at least one of your dice will hit a certain number. If you bet on 5 and get a five, you win. You will be paid more if you get to 5’s and even more if you get three.

Specific Double: A bet on that at least to dice will land on the number you have chosen. Like double one, double 2 etc.

Specific Triple: This is a bet on that all your three dice will land on your chosen number.

Any triple: A bet om that all three dice will land on the same number, regardless number.

The highest paid win in Sic bo is spesific triple. You will get paid 180:1. High and low are most easy to get and are paid poorly; 1:1.

The smartest way to play Sic bo is to place bets on several outcomes. Then you have the best chance to win back.

Good luck, this is an entertaining game! You will find Sic bo in several of the casinos mentioned on this site, for example Royal Vegas.